October 2017 Anon (M, 36)

I have been working with Jodie since last September 2016. I went to see her after being diagnosed with anxiety. She helped me to understand what my anxiety was really about, helped me to understand my behaviour and helped me to find ways of managing it. She is really human and you can tell she really does care. I have laughed and cried in sessions with her and really do trust her. I am so grateful to have found her. I don't see her as often anymore but I know if I have a hiccup she is there for me. 

September 2017 (F, 28)

I have struggled with Bulimia, self harm and depression for years and really felt beyond help. Other people I knew had seen Jodie before as she is well known for facilitating a local eating disorders group. I am not really sure why I was resistant to seeing her but i am so pleased I did. In the last few months I have come a long way with her input and the other people involved in my care that she referred me to. Its really hard to explain how she works but from the moment I met her I felt really supported and cared for. That's not to say she would not tell me something I didn't want to hear because she would, but you always know its coming from the best place. 

February 2017 Anon (F,19)

My experience with Jodie has been life changing. It is not often you come across someone who you can instantly trust and is easy to confide in. The sessions are  friendly and in a calm atmosphere where you feel completely relaxed. Choosing Jodie to be my counsellor has been one of the best life choices I have ever made.

February 2017 Anon (F,31)

I have only been seeing Jodie for a short time but the first thing I noticed is just how insightful she is. Jodie was able to get a really good understanding of me and give me helpful advice from the first session. I have been to many therapists in the past and I have never experienced anyone as kind, understanding, welcoming and insightful as Jodie. Jodie is very wise and non judgemental and I highly recommend her.

December 2016 Anon: (F,25)

In terms of you and what you did for me, you really have been my point of reference. I have seen a few therapists out here but did not like any of them. I miss your approach. In all of this you have been my rock, my guardian angel. 

November 2016 Anon: (F,20)

I have only been having counselling sessions with Jodie for about three months now, but already I feel so understood, and so supported through my struggles with depression, anxiety and an eating disorder. In sessions, she picks up on the smallest detail and is able to find underlying issues that are causing me to struggle with day-to-day life. Afterwards, my mind feels more connected and I feel more in tact with myself again. What is also so lovely is that I can contact her at any time, and she's always willing to give me a call or text me with advice on how to handle a tough day. I'm very grateful to have found Jodie, as she has helped me so much in my first few months of University.

May 2016 Anon: (F,39)

Jodie has been my eating disorder therapist for the last few years. She has acted as the keystone of my support whilst I made the difficult transition of coming out of an inpatient unit into home life again. She is caring, committed and professional and has the tools to deal with the complexity of any eating disorder. Without her I do not know where I would be. I can not recommend her enough!

November 2014 Anon: (M,28)

Caring, insightful, challenging and compassionate are the words that spring to mind! Jodie has walked by my side for my entire recovery journey so far and with her help I am two years sober.

Oct 2014 Anon: (M,55)

I was in such a mess before I met Jodie. My anxiety was ruining my life.  I am now living my life again...its not always easy but I am in a far better place thanks to the tools I received in counselling.