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DBT Part Two

The key to success with DBT is practice.

One acronym to distract from distress in a healthy way is 

A - Activities - getting involved in a prepared list of activities that distract you. Hobbies, tasks, exercise, etc

C- Contribute - try and be of help to someone else, do volunteer work, help a friend

C- Comparison - try and think of others in less fortunate situations than yourself. Help to put things in perspective

E - Emotions - make a decision that despite the way you feel it doesn't need to define your actions. Act in opposition to the way you feel. Read a funny book, listen to upbeat music.

P- Pushing away- a technique to visualise yourself shifting emotional states. 

T- Thoughts- be aware that in intense emotional states thinking can be useful. You are currently in an emotional mind. Start moving away from this by doing something not emotionally evocative. Pick up a theory book, count to hundred, count cars for example and notice your shift away from an emotional mind. 

S- Physical sensations can provide powerful relief from negative emotional states. Conciously have a hot bath or shower, drink your favourite drink, hold ice, listen to loud music. 


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